SHAPES AND COLOURS | Unique creativity allows us to offer a wide range of shapes, colors, and finishes making it possible to satisfy every need from an aesthetical and functional point of view. In this way, every client is able to find the accessory that best suits his or her own expression of style. In addition to the classic finishes, Glossy and Opaque, we have added our line of Rubber frames displaying vivid colors and a “soft to the touch” texture. To guarantee exclusivity and uniqueness, each year we offer Limited Edition styles and colors in addition to our classic product line.


MATERIALS | The material used in the manufacture of our glasses is well-tested cellulose acetate. This natural material derived from cotton flakes and void of toxic or harmful components lends itself well in the production of eyeglass frames. Malleable with heat and shock resistant, our frames hold their integrity over the course of time. Kindly use only warm and mild soap for cleaning and maintenance of all our products, booth during lenses fitting and during normal daily use. DO NOT USE cleaners that contain chemicals and dirty or abrasive tissues that could irreversibily damage the products.

Sun protective lenses can be mounted in VENICE frames in accordance with the Directive 89/676 CEE and with main security requirements.


DESIGN | In a unique city, unmistakable for style and refinement, a new way of seeing the world comes to life through a new eyeglass line that is absolutely original in its design, materials, and colors. VENICE are not simple frames, but a highly innovative product, expressing the right mix of originality and comfort. Our designers follow the planning phase to completion. This includes the drawing, as well as the choice of colors and materials. Upon completion of the planning phase, a prototype is produced to prove the design and chosen components.


REALIZATION | Realization is entrusted to a manufacturer experienced in precision craftsmanship. The process is completed with the utmost attention to detail. The acetate plate is first machined to match the drawing. The part is then tumbled to make the rough edges softer. These parts then move on to the frame assembly phase. Each temple is threaded with a steel core, guaranteeing solidity and at the same time allowing the temple to be flexible and adaptable to the individual’s features. The frame front is joined to the temples with riveted double steel hinges one millimeter thick. In order to guarantee maximum quality, every pair of glasses is subject to inspections at each part of the construction phase. The verification of the design lasts three months. Only after that, does the new design go into production. ALL OUR OWN PRODUCT ARE MADE IN ITALY.

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